Extra Players will have to chip in


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Brazilian International Gabriel Jesus has scored only one goal in as many as nine Premier League games for
Arsenal this season, but the striker clarifies that his game is not only about
scoring goals in a post-match talk while on international duty.


Former Premier League midfielder Danny Murphy clarified how the26-year-old slots into Mikel Arteta's side on Match of the Day: There are heaps to respect about Jesus. He's physically incredibly good with and
without the ball, he's got immense feet, he's generous and gets other people
into play. He does chip in, but perhaps not enough.

What he's actually excellent at is being strong, he's got excellent feet, and it's very tough to get the ball off him at times. He's constantly proving
for others and his play guides to the first goal against Wolves. He was mixed
up in all good in the first half in that game.

There have been gossips on whether Arsenal require a striker to score 20 or more goals if they want to vie with Manchester City, or if they
should bond with Jesus in this role.

Newcastle United historic goalscorer Alan Shearer added: Anyway he'snot a goalscorer, he never has been. Whilst you look at his goals, Danny, he
brings more to Arsenal's game than just goals. He's got one goal in nine games
this season and that will progress that has to progress.

I will not say that they can't win the league without having a20-goal striker because Manchester City did it with Gundogan and Chelsea did it
with Lampard, so it is possible.

Therefore extra players will have to chip in,
as they have been doing, for them to continue their test of the EPL title – he said.

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