How fresh Arsenal chilliness can lead to improved competence


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As the majority of the talk in the first little months of the season has given attention on the goalkeepers, a fresh midfield stability and if
or not Arsenal are as excellent as they were last season, the fact is they are
just one point behind the league leaders having faced Manchester City,
Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea and Newcastle United by now.

Arsenal may not be playing the identical brand of football this season, but it is obvious there is a concentration on higher control.

Watching from the exterior, it looks as though Mikel Arteta has listen in to some of the condemnation from the end of the last season when they
were tagged by many as over-sentimental.

There is a chilliness about Arsenal this season and, as we have observed in the past, that can improve competence. We must also state Arteta’s constant cruelty,
tinted by tumbling Aaron Ramsdale for David Raya.

The Gunners are lastly in a position where the squad thinks profound and tougher but they have endured their just share of injury issues - placing
that to the test even before the harsh Christmas season.

The reality the Gunners are on their path to the knockout steps of the Champions League and in touching distance of Manchester City is a witness
to their enhanced stability over the past 18 to 24 months.

Perceptive they have another group of machinery to move up into should raise enthusiasm more than worry.
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