How Nigerian Children Dress to play street football

Street Football

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Playing street football to an average Nigerian child is fun. Once they come back from school, take their lunch which is normallyGarri or Akpu and Soup. They will not even wait for the heavy carbohydrates
food they just ate to digest, rather they will dash out to the field.

The fieldin this case, may not necessarily be a field made of grass but in most cases, largely
covered by sand. Some of these players nicknamethe field ‘Sand Siro’ referring to San Siro in Millan, Italy which is host to both
AC Milan and International Milan. They gatherin numbers and choose amongst themselves, who will be on either side of the
field. While this selection is going on,they try to balance the game by selecting boys that are believed to know how to
play football on both sides of the field.

On their legs, are no foot wears or football boots, as almost all of the are on bare
foot. On their waists is their shorts, and various colors of jerseys are worn by
these children. They separate the two sides by asking one side to remove their
shirts. With or without a whistle, the game kicks off. The presence of a Referee
does not stop the game from going on.

The round footballthey are playing with, must not be the round -leather ball but in most cases
plastic or rubber balls which is cheap, durable and affordable in the market. These
children buy these balls from their savings or they ask their Parents to buy for

They enjoy playing the ball and you will notice good ball control, beautiful dribbling skills, energy and
good ball sense amongst them. They will play the game until it gets dark. They now
gently go back to their various homes. You may think that it will take them a
long time to get back home, but before you know it, they are at home after a
long trekking exercise. On their way home,they decide when next the will meet to play again. These street football has produced lots ofAfrican players.