Super Eagles And The Position Of The Country 

Nigeria Football Federation 

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It is a fact that Super Eagles is the Nigerian senior national football team. So, it is regularly invited to stand in for Nigeria at International football competitions. Currently, the makeup of the team is foreign based players who are picked based on their forms in their various clubs. Unfortunately, they are not getting the results expected of them.

The predicament though, is that the foreign based SuperEagles of the 2022/23 football period has constantly botched to arrive at finest
show, different to hopes. Several followersof the team and really the nation are confused by the pitiable performance of
Super Eagles consisting Nigerian players who fight like injured Lions in their
European clubs to bring out high level club performance. These equal players moving to Super Eagles,have not lived up to potentials in the national team. The meager performance of the super eaglesboth in continental and FIFA games, have left the nation perturbing.

The Super Eagles due to its pitiable performances, failed toqualify for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup where it was predicted to control as the
Giant of Africa. Similarly, thequalifiers for FIFA 2026 World Cup has just started. Dread has by now engrossed the nation as theEagles having played two games in this group against Lesotho and Zimbabwe together
ended 1-1 draw. Why is the foreign based Super Eagles meeting up to potentials? Viewing the games of the foreign based playersin their clubs, they do shine but become frail and almost under average show in
the national team. In Europe, they bring out a high height of productivityagainst the Nigerian system where they are adored, the players think like overlords. In thisstate, they lose their sense of fighting and efficiency. They look down the majority on the society thathas noticeable endemic 1. Corruption 2. Fallen social infrastructure 3. Pitiable
performing economy with a swollen exchange rate of the local currency against
the European currency that they have in abundance. These social circumstances
as well as a coach or a manager that is due thousands of dollars in wages as in
the case of Super Eagles Coach, could direct to a dispirited national

Given the prior situations, the foreign Super Eagles possiblycome to the field of play with a careless manner that does not activate high
motor performance and efficiency. It is yeta given that fitness level and the motor skill ability in the game of football obtained
by the selected players are up to standard. Additionally, the foreign coach of the team may also have lost inspiration,bearing in mind the gigantic debt owed him by his employers. There is now a deafening call by important stakeholdersfor the Portuguese Coach of the Eagles to be dismissed. If this occurs, then a repeat of the 2022World Cup qualifiers event would have reoccurred again. It will be remembered that it was at thisstage that Mr Gernot Rohr, the ex Coach of the Super Eagles was dismissed. Since
this happened, the Eagles games in the World Cup and AFCON qualifiers were sorrowful
breakdown. There is no one silver shot key to the Eagles average performance
which is a prevalent likeness of the state of the Nigerian country today. The foreign
based Eagles players are contaminated by the poorness of the society which they
are called upon to stand for.