Weird VAR Verdicts at it again in Champions League and League One



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Weird VAR verdicts at it again in Champions League and League one in English football league.

Newcastle United was deprived of well-known win over Paris St-Germain by another notorious
VAR verdict to draw 1-1. There is global disapproval of the penalty given against Newcastle. But the handball rule needs redrafted so that it is easier to implement. The rule ought to state that handball should NOT be given if the offence is inevitable. Only a preventable handball ought to be penalized. This
is much simpler to judge than the baloney about aim or abnormal position. This
was an inevitable handball!

The level of refereeing is pitiable because they're trailing the ability, and wish, to make conclusions
because Big Brother moves in haphazardly. I was heart broken last night, but
just have to admit we're wedged with VAR. – Paul said.

It's not the VAR expertisethat is the trouble. The level of refereeing has reduced severely over the last
pair of seasons, so if you then put the same meager referees into the VAR
booth, then we can't anticipate anything other than more dreadful verdicts – Ian said.

While a Toon fan I am a fan of VAR. Remove it and the samepeople complaining about VAR will complain about refs making the incorrect choices.
It is, still, very hard to stick up for VAR when it constantly makes outrageous
mistakes. Mysterious mistakes! Yes, it gets the most of verdicts right but some
of the errors of late requested conviction. There is a error in the system – Richard

Meanwhile, Uefa has placed down the VAR official who made the choice to lead the referee
to give PSG their penalty last night against Newcastle.

Weird Barnsley goal donates them 1-0 win against Wycombe in League One. You believe you have noticed it all in football and then something like this occurs.

A weird stoppage-time goal from Sam Cosgrove completed a dramatic League One win for
Barnsley at home to Wycombe on Tuesday.

The eventoccurred when Cosgrove closed down Wycombe goalkeeper Max Stryjek as he tried
to waste time by hindering picking up the ball.

Stryjek tripped and dropped the ball after bashing into Cosgrove, but no foul was awarded
and the striker hit home his first Tykes goal.

Was RefereeDarren Drysdale correct or not?

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